Our Story

Sidestep is comprised of a team of music lovers, merchandise experts, and people that just get it. Sidestep is the easiest way to purchase concert merch without the hassle.

A photograph is a memory taken by the heart. You keep them in a box, tucked safely in your wallet, or hanging on the shelf for everyone to see. You look at these memories from time to time because they make you smile.

The merchandise you get at the concert represents the same thing. A t-shirt from the show is a tangible memory and no different from a photograph. You take these items and wear them proudly. When you grow too big, you put them in your dresser; never do you throw them away. 

These tangible memories offered at the concert are a constant reminder of the night you felt alive. When the music took over. When you fell in love with sound, beauty, and the people around you.

We work day in and day out to make these memories more accessible by offering a merchandise booth that's open 24-7. No longer should you wait in long lines or miss even a second of the concert. The end-to-end experience is now in your control.

Our small team is comprised of music lovers, merchandise experts, savvy designers, tech geeks, and people that just get it.

At Sidestep, our goal is to create an interactive experience that bridges fan to artist and memories to a t-shirt in the easiest way imaginable. That's why we do what we do at Sidestep.